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posted by [personal profile] nancys_soul at 11:51am on 11/05/2011
I misspelled Etiquette in the last question, sorry!
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posted by [identity profile] at 05:20pm on 11/05/2011
aw, nancy... we should do better, you're right! i know how much i appreciate feedback for my poetry... this has been a good lesson.
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posted by [identity profile] at 08:04pm on 11/05/2011
posted by [identity profile] at 05:55pm on 11/05/2011
I took a class in college on how to write critiques for movies and theatrical performances and I always think it was one of the best classes I ever had because it gave very practical advice. Even if you don't like something--try for a positive, then something maybe constructive or critical and then another positive. Like so--

Hey! So glad you are writing in this fandom! You know, I like that you set the story in the summer so Hutch and Starsky could be picnicking on the Fourth, but it rarely if ever rains in California in July. The discussion in the Torino afterward was funny.

Obviously, that's just an example--and I was trying to think of nice things to say for a pretend story I didn't even like. We can always try to find a positive, even if it's "Great to have another Sweet Revenge story!"

I have to admit, if I really dislike a story, I tend to bail and don't read it, or send comments anyway. I do want to be encouraging, though!

And I do have a post-it note on my compy right now to write feedback on a zine story I really loved, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I do try to give feedback, sometimes life interferes!

You've given a good reminder to be more diligent about feedback. ;-D thanks
posted by [personal profile] nickygabriel at 08:26pm on 11/05/2011
I think I took the same classes :)
But I don't use what I learnt very often...
posted by [identity profile] at 06:53pm on 11/05/2011
Feedback is important to me - knowing if the story worked...not just if someone liked it; but if they didn't and what didn't work for them. But not lectures/observations about how something was 'wrong'...we write within canon but we all have our fanon. My Starsky/Hutch/Dobey/Huggy/Torino may say/do something you don't approve of...but it isn't necessarily 'wrong.'

but like dawnebeth...If I don't like a story (any story not just fanfic) I stop reading it...and I don't tell the author!
posted by [identity profile] at 07:24pm on 11/05/2011
Nancy, I'm not a reader, only on LJ, But when I do, I leave a message 97 procent.

(But I commit myself *wink* and I will follow and comment every piece, believe me)
posted by [identity profile] at 08:03pm on 11/05/2011
Thanks for the comment MMM! I can always count on you!
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posted by [personal profile] franzeska at 07:47pm on 11/05/2011
Ha ha ha. A little passive aggressive, no? Are people being particularly stingy with comments or something? My experience on archives with hit counters is that it's about 100-400 hits per comment, including "Loved it" one-liners, no matter how close and friendly and giving the fandom is.

I generally try to leave feedback in proportion to how well I liked the story, how much effort it appears to have taken (length, proofreading or lack thereof), how much I have to say, and how irritating I find the author's notes. ("Please review or I won't write any more" is a guaranteed no-feedback zone for me, for example. Guilt trips in the author's notes usually mean I won't waste a lot of effort on that author by leaving detailed feedback, but I'm more likely to respond with "Aww, cute" or something than if there are outright threats.)

It also really depends on where I'm reading a story and what the fandom is like (though I assume you're just talking about S&H here?). I like threaded comments and places that let the author respond to me with the same level of publicness I've used. ( lets authors respond, but only via private message, for example. I prefer to either PM/e-mail with them having the option to PM/e-mail back or to comment publicly with them having the option to do so as well.) Sites that have complicated or annoying login procedures deter me from commenting and vice versa. I'm more likely to comment out of duty (even when I have nothing to say) if a fic is unusual--pairing, fandom, style, whatever--or if it's part of some specific exchange or fest I'm participating in.

There are a lot of variables that affect whether I comment and how much content my feedback actually contains. I don't think this breaks down neatly into good ettiquette and bad. (Or maybe I just don't know S&H fandom well enough yet? Is this the one fandom where everyone actually agrees on FB ettiquette?) On the other hand, advice on writing insightful critique without being cruel is always great.
posted by [identity profile] at 08:01pm on 11/05/2011

franzeskaHa ha ha. A little passive aggressive, no? Are people being particularly stingy with comments or something?

NO! This has nothing to do with how I feel, or anything person this is just about feedback in any fandom. You already seem to be good at feedback and you are very confident in giving it or not, but some have said that they are shy and need to know what to say or not to say and they would like suggestions. I sometimes think in our busy lives we read and forget to comment. This is just a good way to remind you to let people know you are reading and that you appreciate them. Thanks for your comments.:)
posted by [identity profile] at 08:32pm on 11/05/2011
If you read it, you should leave feedback. My only exception is if I dislike the story. If I'm in a corner and must leave a comment, then I find something positive to say and don't mention why I hated the story. If I'm not in a position where I must feedback, if I disliked the story, I simply move on and grumble to myself. :) I don't critique stories since I'm not the person's beta (even if they ask for it). If I did critique a story, it would be in private. Generally, though, I tend to just not finish reading if the story isn't to my taste or the main character's name is constantly misspelled.
posted by [identity profile] at 10:21pm on 11/05/2011
I didn't answer Q2, because my answer would be:
If I loved the story, I would send feedback to the author, not leave it on the archive. If I didn't like the story, I probably didn't finish it, or if I did finish it, wouldn't leave feedback (anywhere) unless they had asked me privately.

posted by [identity profile] at 02:00am on 12/05/2011
I try to be diligent about leaving feedback if I enjoyed the story. I do not tend to leave feedback on stories I didn't enjoy. If the story is on the new archive and I have a positive read, I leave feedback there and often send a follow up private mail to the author. I think leaving feedback, at least for me, is a gesture of appreciation and respect, as well as good manners - and I seem to have had manners pounded into me at an impressionable age. Feedback in general is an interesting topic. And this is a timely poll. Thanks, Nancy!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:55am on 14/05/2011
Part of my problem with leaving feedback is that I never know how the author is going to react. For example, if the author asks for critique and I give positive remarks but also point out that there was a part that didn't stay with plot continuity, I stay awake all night worrying if I'm going to receive a message from the author telling me how I hurt their feelings or embarrassed them.
And another reason that I often don't give a lengthy comment is that I have a lot of difficulty with writing down what to say. As a matter of fact, just this here has taken me over ten minutes to type.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:44am on 15/05/2011
....if I read a story I always leave feedback. That means if I didn´t leave feedback, I wasn´t there to read it. :-) Feedback is important!
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posted by [personal profile] hardboiledbaby at 11:13pm on 21/05/2011
An interesting discussion, N. Like some of the others who've commented, I do try to leave fb if I liked the story. However, I don't read everything—heck, not even most things, not enough time—so I hope no one thinks that my lack of commenting means I thought the story was bad.

As a writer, I appreciate when someone takes the time to leave fb, but I don't demand that folks do that. I'd rather they did so because they were sincerely moved and not out of a forced sense of obligation. As a reader, I don't want to feel guilted into commenting, either. (I'm not saying that's what you're doing, btw. I think you're encouraging folks to think about fb and that's a very good thing.)

Fanfic is about the love: from both the writers and the readers for the fandom (and of course this extends to art, vids, etc.). It's at its best when the love is given freely. :)


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