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Kendra! LOL I had to laugh there. I don’t know why all people call the girls in S&H stories Kendra. But it’s cute :)

Sky reached down and patted Hutch’s thigh, too.
This line is wonderful! Starsky's son through and through! I love it :)

And I love dialogues! You are really good at that, woman! And you can write action very well. I always see what they are doing :) If you ever tell me you can’t write, I will send you to read this story.

I really like your Hutch. I hope there is a sequel waiting, because it’s not a happy story and it’s not finished for me. I missed Meredith there :)
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Kendra named after Ken Hutchinson and Sky the last three letters in Starsky's name, I am so creative, LOL! Well Hutch as settled for this as his happiness, he's going to be an old bachelor with a dog, a best friend and a lot of plants.
Thanks for reading my story NG it means a lot to me.
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In my Big Bang story, it’s Hutch who is married and Starsky is an old bachelor!

I think that Sky is something new. I have never read any story with such name in this fandom.

And I like reading gen stories, but I think you like more writing slash, don’t you? :D
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I like gen and slash. The problem I have with fanfiction his I always see them getting to together as a couple and it is hard to write them with other lovers or wives. I love gen stories that are good case stories or where they are hurt and there is no need for the love relationship in them, does that make sense?
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It makes a lot of sense. But writing and reading these are two completely different things :)

I LOVE reading h/c but I can’t write it no matter what. This is my favorite genre. My MOST favorite stories are where one of them has to hurt the other one to save them (if it’s written the way I can read it), but I know I could never write such story. So I don’t even try. The same goes for slash. I could never write it, because I don’t see them as lovers.

I know you usually see them as lovers so I just don’t know why you decided to write gen :) I know you said it’s a challenge, but you can write great case stories with them as a couple as well. Slash is not only about sex scenes I guess.

For me fanfiction is about having fun, not about torturing myself with writing what I don’t like :)

I remember that last year when I was writing the Secret Santa one of the restrictions the person for whom I was writing set was ‘no touching, no babe talking’. You can’t even imagine how hard it was for me to write this story, because all my stories are fluffy and full of ‘babes’. I don’t think I could restrict myself to write a story like that by choice. So I admire your resolution.


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