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A Definition of Happy

Hutch stood by the picnic table with a wonderful feeling of relaxation, watching three children romp on the grass. He'd just finished a great barbecue dinner with Starsky’s family—all the classics, steak, corn on the cob and baked beans. This was the life. Starsky really had done well for himself. He had what he'd always wanted, a loving wife and three beautiful kids.

Hutch walked over to sit in a lawn chair to watch the football game. Sky was Starsky's eight year old son. He had the ball and was running headlong into his sister Kendra, who was six. The feisty little three year old Marcella came up from behind and grabbed her brother around the legs, grabbing the football.

"How are you doing, partner?" Starsky asked as he plopped down in the lawn chair next to Hutch. He handed him a beer from the six pack he was carrying.

"Couldn’t be better, partner. No one cooks a steak like that lady of yours." Hutch flicked the top off the beer and took a long drink.

“I taught her everything I know, Hutch," Starsky said proudly

“If you keep lying like that, Pinocchio, your nose is going to fall off. You mean you taught her everything that I taught you about making the best steak,” Hutch said as he patted his full stomach

Hutch sat up just as a curly-haired, brown eyed Starsky look-alike jumped into his lap.

"Uncle Hutch, come play some football with us, please," begged Sky.

“Sure, big guy,” Hutch said as he started to get up out of the lawn chair.

"Sky, let the man’s food settle, why don't you? Didn't you see how much he ate? We don't want him to throw up or anything, do we?" Starsky teased his son. .

"Oh, alright then," Sky said. He settled into Hutch's lap to stay until his uncle Hutch was ready. “Uncle Hutch, how come you're not married?" he asked, turning his head to look Hutch straight in the eyes.

"Well, Sky, it's like this, I never could find anyone that would put up with me!" Hutch said.
"Now, Hutch, that ain't true," Starsky said. "I have no trouble putting up with you. Sky, you just have to know how to handle the blond blintz here."

"Well, there you go, Sky, someone got a hold of the only person who'd want me. My loss is her gain," Hutch said, grinning at Starsky.

"Cut that out, Hutch." Starsky took a pull on his beer bottle. "You know I was never your type. You said yourself you don't like hairy Jews, that you prefer tall long legged blonds."

"Yep, that's me, Hutch, the narcissist."

"Uncle Hutch, what's a narticist?" Sky tripped over the word.

Hutch bust out laughing. "Starsky, if he didn't look the spitting image of you, all he'd have to do is talk. He asks a million questions, and he never gets the words right! Sky, a narcissist is a lover of one's self."

"Uncle Hutch, I was told not to love myself when I am in the bathtub. You better not let mom know you do that," Sky said seriously.

"No, Sky, don't worry, I won't tell your mom," Hutch said, chuckling. "She might hurt me. Your mom's tough. She can take you dad down in a heartbeat."
"Hey, now," Starsky protested. "Don't go telling my son that his mom can whoop me."

"Sky, did I ever tell you about the time that I got shot, and your dad had to partner up with your mother?"

"No, tell me, Uncle Hutch." Sky sat up, rapt.

"Well, this young girl hoodlum was robbing a house, and we got the call to run on it," Hutch said, absently rubbing his shoulder which always ached, even after all these years. "I went in the back door, and your dad covered the front. I go in slow and quiet-like, and before I know it, this kid starts down the hall, and she has a gun. I yelled, "Stop Police" and she just pulls the trigger and shoots me."

Sky looking up at Hutch, his big brown eyes opened wide with awe.

"Hutch, tell him how you could’ve taken her down easily, but when you saw she was a kid, you couldn't shoot." Starsky cocked his finger like a gun. " Hutch has always had a soft spot for kids and the ladies."

"Whatever…" Hutch waved away his interruption. "Back to the story. Your dad saved the day. He single-handedly took down the other robber and handcuffed him. He came back and took care of me. I owe my life to this man. Starsky has sacrificed himself for me more times then I want to remember."

"You did the same for me, partner," Starsky said. He leaned over the arm of his lawn chair and patted Hutch's thigh. Sky reached down and patted Hutch’s thigh, too.

"That's just what we do, partner."

"After a quick stop in the OR, I was stuck in the hospital with my arm in a sling," Hutch continued. "Your dad needed a partner. I didn't want him out there alone without back up."

"Sky, I didn't want another partner," Starsky said to his son, chucking him under the chin.

"But it was my mom, right?" Sky asked grinning.

"That's right," Hutch agreed. "Starsky complained for maybe a second until he saw your mom, with those long legs of hers and big beautiful eyes." Hutch chuckled. "I'm surprised he even came to see me at all while I was in the hospital."

"Hutch, you know it was a purely working relationship." Starsky grinned.
"Yes, and I’m Superman. Remind me to tell you the rest of this story when you're a teenager, Sky." Hutch thought back to those days ruefully. "Your dad was kind of concerned because you mom is not the biggest lady, and he wasn't sure she could back him up if some big, tough, bad guy was trying to get him." Hutch paused to take a drink of beer. " He told her that."

"Wow, he told mom that?" Sky exclaimed in surprise. "Dad, that was a big mistake."

"You’re telling me," Starsky said

"Your mom did some fancy move on him and had him on his back." Hutch rotated one hand like flipping Starsky over. "Your dad is strong and quick, and he easily flipped her right over. You know how cocky he is..."

"I sure do, Uncle Hutch," Sky agreed.

"You're maligning my reputation, you two." Starsky held up a fist and pretended to bop Sky on the head.

"While he was gloating and enjoying looking at Meredith, she quietly slipped her gun out, with the safety on because she didn't want to really shoot your dad, and stuck it in his side." Hutch laughed. "From then on, it was love, pure and simple."

"Did you get married then, Dad?"

"No, it was several years later," Starsky said. "When I met your mom on a case we were working on along with the Juvenile Unit."

"That's enough talking, go find that football, and I'll be right there," Hutch said because he wasn’t ready to hear that story. That was for another time, and it was one he'd like to forget.

Hutch lifted Sky off his lap and watched him run off.

"Hutch, why don't you have a wife and kids?" Starsky asked, setting his empty beer bottle on the ground. "You're great with my children. They love you so much, and I know you love them, because you spoil them to death."

"Like I said before, Starsky, you’re already taken," Hutch admitted, letting a little of his heart show. "Anyway, I'm happy, and all I need is a good steak cooked by Meredith every once in a while, and a chance to play with your kids. All is well with my soul."

"Look out!" Kendra, the six year old yelled, making a wild toss. The football came very close to hitting Hutch in the head.

Hutch grabbed the ball and hurtled out of his chair after the squealing children. He tackled Kendra and Marcella down on to the grass, but Sky managed to get the ball away from him. The girls giggled with excitement.

"Starsky, are you coming," Hutch yelled. "I need my center!"

"Ok, if you really need me." Starsky groaned good-naturedly and stood up, stretching before joining the wild game.

"Daddy!" Marcella cried.

"I will always need you, partner!" Hutch laughed, picking up the littlest girl like a football under his arm and running towards Starsky with the other two little Starskys following him. They all tackled Starsky, piling on top of him. .

The End.

Thanks to Dawn for the editing.
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posted by [identity profile] at 04:40pm on 24/01/2011
I like Sky Starsky! He sounds like a cute kid.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:45pm on 24/01/2011
Of course he is, he's his fathers son! Thanks for your help Dawn.
posted by [identity profile] at 06:19pm on 24/01/2011
So cute. Sky is definitely a mini me Starsky. Meredith and Starsky so would make beautiful children together.

Fab story, Nancy.

I'm here if Hutch needs a wife!
posted by [identity profile] at 06:23pm on 24/01/2011
I don't even want to think about them making babies together, but I am trying to do a series of Gen fic. If I was writing the guys in gen world this is what would have to happen because no way would Hutch make it last with any woman for long(He love Starsky), but I can see Starsky happily married.
posted by [identity profile] at 11:23pm on 24/01/2011
So cute! Sky Starsky sounds like his handsome Papa. And there's Uncle Hutch (Huncle?) - loving his partner's happiness. Adorable story - and a lovely chapter to imagine in the land of "happily ever after" -

posted by [identity profile] at 04:45am on 25/01/2011
Well I have been trying to write a few Gen stories just to see if I can. They do come off very sweet or too sweet, however you want to look at them.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:26am on 27/01/2011
Not TOO sweet. ;-D
posted by [personal profile] nickygabriel at 07:07pm on 25/01/2011
Kendra! LOL I had to laugh there. I don’t know why all people call the girls in S&H stories Kendra. But it’s cute :)

Sky reached down and patted Hutch’s thigh, too.
This line is wonderful! Starsky's son through and through! I love it :)

And I love dialogues! You are really good at that, woman! And you can write action very well. I always see what they are doing :) If you ever tell me you can’t write, I will send you to read this story.

I really like your Hutch. I hope there is a sequel waiting, because it’s not a happy story and it’s not finished for me. I missed Meredith there :)
posted by [identity profile] at 09:17pm on 26/01/2011
Kendra named after Ken Hutchinson and Sky the last three letters in Starsky's name, I am so creative, LOL! Well Hutch as settled for this as his happiness, he's going to be an old bachelor with a dog, a best friend and a lot of plants.
Thanks for reading my story NG it means a lot to me.
posted by [personal profile] nickygabriel at 09:25pm on 26/01/2011
In my Big Bang story, it’s Hutch who is married and Starsky is an old bachelor!

I think that Sky is something new. I have never read any story with such name in this fandom.

And I like reading gen stories, but I think you like more writing slash, don’t you? :D
posted by [identity profile] at 09:30pm on 26/01/2011
I like gen and slash. The problem I have with fanfiction his I always see them getting to together as a couple and it is hard to write them with other lovers or wives. I love gen stories that are good case stories or where they are hurt and there is no need for the love relationship in them, does that make sense?
posted by [personal profile] nickygabriel at 09:46pm on 26/01/2011
It makes a lot of sense. But writing and reading these are two completely different things :)

I LOVE reading h/c but I can’t write it no matter what. This is my favorite genre. My MOST favorite stories are where one of them has to hurt the other one to save them (if it’s written the way I can read it), but I know I could never write such story. So I don’t even try. The same goes for slash. I could never write it, because I don’t see them as lovers.

I know you usually see them as lovers so I just don’t know why you decided to write gen :) I know you said it’s a challenge, but you can write great case stories with them as a couple as well. Slash is not only about sex scenes I guess.

For me fanfiction is about having fun, not about torturing myself with writing what I don’t like :)

I remember that last year when I was writing the Secret Santa one of the restrictions the person for whom I was writing set was ‘no touching, no babe talking’. You can’t even imagine how hard it was for me to write this story, because all my stories are fluffy and full of ‘babes’. I don’t think I could restrict myself to write a story like that by choice. So I admire your resolution.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:22pm on 17/02/2011
posted by [identity profile] at 08:19pm on 17/02/2011
Wow, thank you!!!


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